The life she offers me is all I’ve ever wanted. But I know what it’ll cost me, and it’s too much to pay.

My wife kicked me out. My church booted me as their pastor. All because I told her what I wanted in the bedroom. It’s been my secret most of my life, and it’ll have to be forever. Being the oldest in the Lawson family, a southern clan with a long-standing tradition of male Dominants, I’ll lose everything if they ever find out.

Visiting Bliss with Boone terrifies me because everybody might guess my secret. It’s good that Brian does, because he introduces me to Danielle, the one person who might be able to help me understand and fulfill my desires. She’ll only let me keep her in the shadows for so long, but when I commit a sin against her that she can’t forgive, it’s clear that my secret is more important than my love for her. I’ve got to choose. And I can’t.

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