One phone call. That’s all it took. And now I don’t know if I’ll get to hold the woman I adore or have to bury her.

I never really knew my half brother, Brian, but I’m glad to take a job and move to be near him when he asks. I’m even happier to find out that he owns a kink club, and Bliss fulfills my every desire. It’s smooth sailing until Brian and a counselor who’s also a club member tap me to help out Rayanna, a woman who was abused and held captive as a slave for years.

As a Dominant, I can help rebuild her self-esteem and teach her self-confidence so she can regain custody of her child. It all starts to fall apart when her tormenter escapes prison, and it suddenly feels like there’s a plot against us. I don’t want her to sacrifice herself for her little girl, but if she does, it’ll take help from every Dominant at Bliss to save her life and bring her back to me. I just hope we’re not too late.

And just when it seems their May/December romance might stand a chance, a plan gone wrong convinces Dave that the last place Olivia needs to be is in his arms. He finds a way to send her on to bigger and better things, but when her whereabouts become unknown, Dave discovers that maybe dates on a calendar don’t mean that much at all. Problem is, unless he can find her, it won’t matter.

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