If you have to ask why I’d save the one person Boone loves more than me, you really don’t know me.

Years and years as a submissive at Bliss and I can’t get a Dominant to collar me. Is it that they’re intimidated because I’m an adult film star? Or was. Now even the porn industry doesn’t want me because, according to them, I’m too old, and I’m relegated to working at an adult store.

A new crop of Dominants comes into the club, and the gorgeous, sexy entrepreneur among them is suddenly all over me in all the best ways. Boone is everything a woman could want, but it’s hard to believe he wants me. It looks like everything might work out until his ex threatens to take his son away. He shouldn’t have to choose between me and his terminally-ill child, so I’ll just remove one of his choices, but I’ve got something important to do before I can rest in peace.

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