Praise for Awakening, the Silent Cove Series Book One

“A wonderful haunting that awakens us to the spirits in Silent Cove and the tragic past of those Spirits and how they can’t move on and what they are after. Great plot and fast paced but also keeps you on the edge of your seat.”


***** 4 STARS

“Man oh man it has been like ages since I have read a good ghost story. This is also a new to me author with the trilogy picking my attention with the ghosts being a big factor. As soon as you enter in you are introduced to Carmen and Angelo who want to venture out on their own with you seeing why. The way they do it has you going oh no especially since I live in a inter city and see stuff every day. But that also leads to what they do get and the real treat begins.”

Denise Van Plew

***** 5 STARS

“I am so in love with this crazy story . It is a paranormal ghost story. Most of the characters are great. There is one or two you want like but it makes the story that much better. This story does leave you with a few unanswered questions and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book.”

Crystal Viverette

***** 5 STARS

“This book kept me completely interested and the story flowed smoothly from page to page and chapter to chapter. I love reading books that keep me interested from page one to the very end and this fits that category!! Can’t wait to finish this series!!”

Barb Pond

***** 5 STARS

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