Appalachian STAR

The world needs more people who care, but does she care too much? 



I did my time—hard time—for a long time. I’m not an innocent man, but I paid the price. I’m working on a new, squeaky-clean résumé. After 28 years, I learned how to behave, and how to inspire others. And that’s what I do. It’s who I am. Enduring years of never-ending, horrific abuse in prison, I can safely say that I’d do anything to protect weaker individuals from danger.



I’m the happiest when I’m in front of my students, changing lives and making a difference. That’s what I do and who I am. After being burned by my ex-husband, I focus my life—and heart—on my pupils, kids who truly need me.

But when an outreach project brings me face-to-face with an ex-convict, something shifts. Maybe, just maybe, my heart isn’t as shattered as I imagined. Priest seamlessly weaves his way into my world. However, a dangerous student with a vendetta threatens to sabotage our newfound connection. Suddenly, my life hangs in the balance. With the help of the Appalachian STAR team and a determined Priest, I just might be absolved of all of my fears. Can I let down my guard for this persistent, Fierce Man?

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