Appalachian STAR

A horrific past can threaten the future …



They say chivalry is dead, and I had to learn that truth the hard way. Helping when you’re not wanted doesn’t play out the way you think. Sometimes, more damage comes with it. So, I lay low and try not to get involved. Do my job, and that’s all.

As an Appalachian STAR EMT, I’ve seen my fair share of atrocities and destruction, but none so horrendous as the whirlwind of chaos that one woman brings into play. Not only does she take a tumble on the docks, but then, she more than destroys every meal she attempts to serve where she waits tables. Despite her clumsy nature and apologetic demeanor, everything about this woman intrigues me. And now, I’m bound and determined to get closer to her.



My life is in shambles, a series of one mishap or misstep after another. After escaping my traumatic childhood and finding a new life, I thought everything would be easy from here on out. I was wrong. I’m on edge, careful and cautious, jumpy and unnerved.

When the handsome EMT helps me find employment more suitable for me, I slowly begin to let down my guard, not truly ready to let a stranger into my life—or into my heart. But after my past comes barreling back, threatening to hurt others just as they hurt me, I snap.

They’re not touching one more innocent child. Not while I’m alive.

My plan has flaws. But thankfully, I have a rugged and strong Furious Man on my side.

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