High Proof

A wounded warrior. A married man. And the passion that consumes them …

Military veteran Drew Anderson cannot catch a break. Everything in his life is tragic. After a terrible childhood full of grief, and losing a leg in combat, he feels like his life is over. But when he lands a job and a place to live at the town’s new distillery, Drew feels optimistic.

Business owner Kevin Slaughter is everything Drew has ever wanted in a man. He’s strong, charming, and stable. But Kevin’s married—to a woman—and has a devout Baptist upbringing. Neither man can deny his feelings for the other. As they grow closer, it’s clear someone is determined to tear them apart—and destroy their reputations. With danger setting in and Drew’s life on the line, Kevin is torn between his desire and his place in the community. Can the wounded veteran find a way to heal from all the pain of his past and battle his present enemies while building a future with the only man he’s ever really loved?

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