Kindred Spirits

When thunder rolls in, sparks fly …

Rodeo superstar Carson “Thunder” O’Malley is forced to start over when his career ends after a violent bull destroys everything he’s ever worked for. Beginning a new life in Kentucky to build a moonshine distillery is his new ambition. He just needs to find a way to get rolling quickly so his little girl can move across the country with him.

Appaloosa Quarter Horse breeder Marilee Parker is determined to expand her business. But when a smooth-talking, sexy “city slicker” moves in on neighboring land and purchases it right out from under her, she’ll do everything she can to get it back. However, Marilee is shocked by the stranger’s kindness and generosity. After discovering who he really is, she lets down her guard and sparks fly.

Just as Marilee and Carson set out to build their dreams, it’s clear that someone wants to destroy them both. Land is the ultimate goal—and they have what their unidentified enemy wants. Nobody is safe. Now it’s up to Carson to protect Marilee and their future together. Can he save their farms before everything blows up right before their eyes?

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