Legacy of Pride

For the two sisters, the tavern was their whole life. For two determined security agents, preserving that life was their mission.

It was supposed to be a simple lunch for Tyler McKinney and Trevor Noles, but it turned into something far more important once they’d seen the beautiful proprietresses of Burdock’s Tavern, Della and Bella Burdock. The women are living in a hell befalling family businesses in urban areas. Urban decay and drug trafficking on their doorstep threatened the business their grandparents and parents had nurtured. Their very first trip to the tavern puts Tyler and Trevor face to face with the threat the women fought daily.

It seems hopeless … until a very determined Italian gets involved. With a little help from Steve McCoy, Tyler and Trevor see salvation through Tony Walters. Already the owner of a huge, successful construction company, a world-class equestrian center, and the owner of rental property all over the Louisville, Kentucky area, he never intended to get involved in another business. But with an urban renewal program already in place and the plight of the Burdock sisters tugs at his heartstrings, he has to do something to help. And when one of the young women is injured, well, that’s something no Walters man is going to turn away from.

The drugs dealers are put on notice: You will leave. They think it’s quite a joke. Laughing? They won’t be when Louisville’s own version of The Godfather shows up. Tony wants them gone.

All Tyler and Trevor really want is for the Burdock sisters to live until morning.

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