Praise for The Legacy Series

“After a bit of dithering and upsetting his sweet wife, he decides to tackle his issues head-on and tracked down his old girlfriends to do so – with his wife’s blessing – say what? The story was a quick read with erotic sensual scenes, sweet and tender family scenes, heart squeezes, and an update on the ongoing family dramas of this lively and large Italian family.”


***** 4 STARS

“Deanndra Hall has written an awesome book here. This is both a heartbreaking and heartwarming story. It’s painful but yet redeeming.  If you’ve read the LUC series then this is a definite do not miss book. I really can’t wait to see what happens next in the Legacy series.”

Anne Dodds

***** 5 STARS

“In this fast paced, suspenseful story we see Hunter come into his own. With a beautiful love story that is well told, an intriguing mystery, humor, and a family that keeps you wondering, this book is a great edition to the series’ it follows. I always know that when I sit down with a book by this author I am going to be thoroughly entertained.”

Leah Hines

***** 5 STARS

“Wow what a story! Fall in love with the characters. This author does an amazing job describing the story. Every since the Love Under Construction series I’ve loved this authors world and it keeps getting better. But Vic is still mine. ;)”


***** 5 STARS