Appalachian STAR

Their joy and passion are interrupted by sheer terror …



When you serve time for a death that destroyed you, it’s hard to bounce back. My best friend was my rock, my ride or die. And sadly, his death was more than I can take.

Now, out of the slammer and trying to get my life back on track, I’m ready for something more—something new—and a friend of mine has a solution, one that may just get me out of my funk. Introducing me to a beautiful, headstrong, and intelligent woman with a penchant to submit is the lifesaver I’ve been looking for all along.



I have to be careful. As a federal judge, all eyes are on me to make the right choices regarding the fate of those convicted of crimes. But when I’m off the bench, all I want is to sit back, have someone else make decisions, and let them control the narrative. Meeting an ex-convict with everything I’m looking for in and out of the bedroom wasn’t on my bucket list, but here we are. And now, I want nothing more than this man and his dominance.

The big case I’ve been hoping for brings danger, and when someone threatens my life and kidnaps me, all hands are on deck to save me. The FBI and the Appalachian STAR team are determined to find me, but there’s only one person I trust enough to rescue me—the tormented man who holds my heart.

Come to the hills and hollers of eastern Kentucky and get acquainted with eight of the most determined men you’ll ever meet in the Appalachian STAR series.

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