Appalachian STAR

Come Hell or high water, he’ll protect them all.


That’s what I’m doing. After losing so much, it’s time to rebuild and not look back to the life that tried to destroy me. Moving to Kentucky and building a home for rehabilitating prisoners after incarceration keeps me motivated and gives me purpose. But when I meet a courageous and strong woman on the run, I know that she needs more than just my help. And believe me, I’m going to give her the world.


I can’t live in fear and pain any longer. With an abusive ex-husband on my trail, I have to get away and start over. Rebuilding my life hundreds of miles away in Kentucky seems like the only answer to my prayers. I certainly didn’t know what I was wishing for. Meeting the rugged, determined, and handsome Patch makes me want so much more for my future. But when my past resurfaces and my life is on the line, it’s only Patch and his team of unlikely allies that I can truly count on. He’s my confidante, but is he desperate enough to save me once and for all?

Welcome to Iron Oak Farms and the home of the Appalachian STAR search and rescue team in the mountains of Mallie, Kentucky. It’s a place for new beginnings and second chances at life and love, with rugged, troubled men, characters you know and love from the Bluegrass Dynasty series and Susan Stoker’s Eagle Point Search and Rescue series, and plenty of steam.

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