Angel’s Share

She’ll get the man she wants one way or another …

Veterinarian Dr. Darcy Ballard is bitter and angry. Using her rage and sexual prowess on her submissives at the kink club makes her one hot commodity. She’ll dominate anyone who gets in her way. But when she meets a tall, dark, striking, and mature Italian-American, Darcy suddenly knows exactly what she wants. Too bad her target isn’t looking for a dedicated submissive.

A retired obstetrician, widower, and Dominant, Tony Walters’ eldest brother Mark prefers to find his joy at the bottom of a whiskey bottle. However, his newfound sobriety frowns upon that. Finding his kicks at the kink club is his only option, and it’s also a lifestyle with which he’s very familiar. Yet the woman who intrigues him wants to call all the shots, not bow down to his every whim.

As Mark and Darcy embark upon a tumultuous relationship fraught with one power struggle after another, Darcy does the unthinkable to keep Mark in her life. But when it’s apparent that Darcy’s daughter is missing, all evidence points to Darcy’s foul play. Can Mark and Darcy find a way back to each other or is the damage done?

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