Legacy of Love

He has everything he ever wanted, and now someone wants to take it all away.

A beautiful home. A loving, gorgeous wife. Two adorable kids, and two on the way. Vic Walters’ life is finally going his way. With a comfortable retirement account and a lot to look forward to, it’s time to make everything perfect. Luckily for him, he finds an au pair who’s the perfect match for his little family. She’s a former teacher and former … what? Wow. Lucky for them indeed. They couldn’t be happier with Alessandra Alberti.

She tells him her name is Alessandra Marcone, but it’s not. It’s not even Alberti. And she’s not there to be an au pair. She’s there to save her mother’s life, and she has to be quick about it. But her method leaves a lot to be desired, and it isn’t long before everyone knows who she is and what she wants.

And that leaves Vic in a terrible position. His wife needs him; his children need him. But they’ll never be safe if he doesn’t deal with the danger Alessandra’s brought to his door. Against Laura’s wishes, he embarks on what he knows will be his last journey. He always wondered if he’d ever see his homeland again. Now he’s pretty sure he’ll die on the motherland’s soil.

If he never comes back, all Alessandra will ever have is Jameson. She’s burned every bridge she had with the Walters family, and Peyton’s brother is the only one who loves her. But love is a powerful thing. There may be hope for her yet.

There may be hope for them all.

The Walters band together as they always do in this riveting installment that ends the Walters’ saga. Vic has three incredible surprises awaiting him. They’ll all drive him to his knees. Is he man enough to get back up and fight?

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