My Last Dom

Kimberly Hendricks has been hurt enough. It’s natural that she’d shy away from Jasper Givens when he shows up at her leather and corsetry shop and tries to make her care for him. No matter how hard she tries, Kimmie just can’t help but fall for the sweet, smart, sexy Dominant who wants her and her heart. She finds Jaz to be one of the most trustworthy and straight-up people she’s ever met until she stumbles on an apparent plan to harm her.Regardless of his denials, his love, and his trusting revelation of his worst, darkest secret, they aren’t enough to convince her that he’d never hurt her, and she’s determined to put distance between them. But when she’s left to face the possibility of eternally losing the only man who’s ever really loved her, Kimmie has to decide if the ghosts in her past are real enough to tear her away from the living, breathing man who’s pledged his love to her for the rest of their lives.

WARNING: Book contains strong sexual and BDSM themes. Not intended for readers under the age of 18.

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